Get things done with your data!

  • Share your data securely.
  • Send personalised Emails and SMS.
  • Start video conferences with team members.

Why FrameLink?

  • Add custom attributes as you go.
  • Predefine different messages and send them in a personalised way.
  • Manage your data and services from any device.

A cloud space to securely share data, execute tasks, and communicate with your team members

  •    Move your tables to the cloud
  •    Create relationships between them
  •    Start personalized Email, SMS and Video calls, right away.

Create your tables or load them from Excel®. They become smart-tables...

Relate tables

With a few clicks build the relations that make sense to your business

Navigate among tables and relations

Jump from any record to the related records on another table, indefinitely and with a single click

Launch services

Smart-tables 'know' the services they can launch...

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Services available wherever they make sense...


Point-and-shoot to send personalized Emails and newsletters.


Point-and-shoot to send personalized SMSs.

Chat/Video Channels

Open a conference call with any member of your team.

Blockchain Services

Blockchain potential to services such as Smart Contracts, Money transfer, Notary Services etc.

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Launch a conference call with our consultants.