Simplifying Your Business

A platform that manages, displays and connects your business data in any way you need.

Have automatic updates, create personalized email or connect your schedules – all from a single dashboard.

Fully Customizable for Any Business

No need for technical expertise. Streamline your processes and save time and money. Check what you can do with FrameLink since day one.
Emails & SMS
Easily send personalized emails & SMS to your customers and partners.
Build your own CRM
Exactly what you need - 100% customized to your business.
Share Your Data
Share your data securely. Control permissions of your team members.

Send Emails & SMS

Convert your old spreadsheet into a powerful engine to send personalized Emails and SMSs.
  • Step 1 - Import your spreadsheet into FrameLink.
  • Step 2 - Select recipients, Define email and Send.
  • Result: All emails sent & template ready for next time.
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  • Build your own CRM

    Begin with small steps from your spreadsheet to a powerful CRM that exactly fits your needs. Doing what you need with the minimum information that makes sense. No more, no Less.
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    Share Your Data

    Give every member of your team the right permissions and access. Keep your insights private while opening your data to your partners.
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    FrameLink's benefits

    As soon as you move your business from your spreadsheet to Framelink, you will get these added benefits:
    Everything in One Place
    No need to use multiple plataforms to get works done.
    Easily Adjustable
    Adjust FrameLink to business changes without extra help. Save time and money.
    Once created or modified, your app will be instantly available on any device.

    Everything in One Place

    When your data is in One Place, you are always ready to act fast and consistently. Define criteria to send personalized messages and collect answers automatically. Keep your data always updated preventing data duplication.
    More about Framelink data approach →

    Easily Adjustable

    Who knows your business better than yourself? Don't wait or pay anyone to adapt FrameLink to your business — be your own consultant and discover what really works for you.
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    Your data and design are always in synch across mobile and desktop. Access your data wherever you are.
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    Trusted by many businesses

    These are some businesses that made FrameLink their work management solution.