The business process and customer communication management platform for small businesses.

Eliminate frustrating spreadsheets and increase productivity by creating your own business management solution within minutes.

One platform to organize your business, your way - automate and centralise your data, projects, CRM workflow, emails, SMS and IM, events and payments to remove costly errors and regain control of your data.

Designed for non-techies, no expertise required

FrameLink is designed for small businesses to take complete control of their data, business proceess and customer communication management. No need to hire experts for development, business process mapping or training. Create a solution 100% tailored to your unique business requirements.

Customer communication management and a consistent user experience
  • Easily send personalised contacts emails, SMS and WhatsApp to many contacts

  • Gain insights on how recipients engage with your communications

Increase productivity when working from home or from the office
  • Cloud-based access to the latest data

  • Secure permission based access for your customers and partners

  • Access the latest information from anywhere

Smart data process management
  • Create a real-time connection with customers and partners so they can securely update their information

  • Remove risk of errors from manual updates

  • Ensure data accuracy for your business processes

Happy FrameLink Users

Several businesses are using FrameLink to manage their businesses in their own way.

Never Write an Email Again!

Define your messages (Email and SMS) once and FrameLink will send the right content for every recipient. Always ready to go.
  • Automatize your business email workflows, such as pre- and post-sales emails, warm lead follow-ups, etc.
  • Include Videos, Documents, Meeting Requests and Forms to collect data from each recipient.
  • Ask for confirmations through Emails or SMSs. Responses go directly into your database.

  • Adjust it to (all) your needs.

    Watch your current spreadsheet evolve to a system that perfectly fits your needs - perhaps a powerful CRM! Do what you need with the minimum information that makes sense. No more, no Less.

    Share Your Data

    Give every member of your team the right permissions and access. Keep your insights private while opening your data to your partners.

    FrameLink's benefits

    As soon as you move your business to FrameLink, you will get these added benefits:

    Everything in One Place

    When your data is in One Place, you are always ready to act fast and consistently. Define criteria to send personalized messages and collect answers automatically. Keep your data always updated preventing data duplication.
    More about Framelink data approach →

    Work remotely

    Work from home or any other place. Be always in touch with your team, your customers and your partners.
    More on team work →


    Your data and design are always in synch across mobile and desktop. Access your data wherever you are.
    More about Framelink across all platforms →