Guide to FrameLink

Adding Records

Once you’ve created a table (a container of fields), you can manage its records - by adding, deleting or updating them.

Creating and updating records

There are two ways to add new records to your Table: In a new record, the behavior of each field you are filling in, depends on the field interface. You can have fields automaticaly filled in, according to default rules you defined in Field Interfaces.
To update a record:

Deleting records

If by some reason, you want to delete records from the FrameLink database, you have two ways to do it:

Filtering records

With FrameLink, you can store a lot of data and filter it to only see the records that interest you. For example, if you are tracking tasks for a project, you may want to retain information on all the tasks but only look at the ones that are incomplete. The ability to filter records removes the need to regularly delete data from your Base.

Exporting records

It’s your data, so it’s important that you can do what you want with it. FrameLink lets you export your data to Excel® save as an archive or use it with other applications.